To ensure that Hebrew Foundation School continues to offer our children the most innovative, hands-on and progressive secular, Judaic and social/emotional education possible, we need your help.

Why do we Fundraise when HFS Charges Tuition?

Tuition and the government subsidy do not cover the actual operating costs of our school.

I truly believe there are few elementary schools in Montreal that provide the kind of education that students receive at HFS. Not only was I prepared academically, but I graduated inspired to do more and I see that being instilled in my daughters today. It is an honour to give back to the institution that helped shape me. The opportunity to do this with like-minded people to ensure that as many children as possible get to receive such a special and unique experience is both rewarding and an integral part of who I am today.

Clifford Richstone - Alumnus | HFS Parent and Fundraiser


For information or to make a donation, please contact:

Sari Sacks, Fundraising and Development Coordinator
514-684-6270 ext. 240 |


Letter from the ORT Committee Chair.

Dear HFS Community.

I’m thrilled to announce that HFS just finished an incredible fundraising campaign for ORT.  We raised over $330,000 in this campaign and were the top fundraising Jewish institution in Montreal.  In fact, our school alone raised over 42% of the total fundraising revenue coming from Montreal Jewish institutions.  This is an incredible accomplishment and we thank all of you who participated in this campaign.  So many of you found creative ways to fundraise and every little bit helped us to improve and exceed even our own expectations.

On behalf of the HFS Development committee, I would like to thank the incredible group of captains who were so actively engaged in this campaign and rallied our community; as well thank you to the HFS board of Directors that led with an outstanding 100% participation rate.  This campaign doesn’t remotely succeed without the steadfast administrative leadership of Sari Sacks and support from Eve Borshy and all the staff at HFS.  Let’s look forward to next year and to bringing, even more, fundraising strength back to our school and community.

Best regards,

Boris Gorbatyuk
Vice-Chair, Board of Directors and ORT Committee Chair.