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Student Services

At HFS, we take pride in ensuring that every child is known, seen and loved.

Our Dean of Students acts as the advocate for all students by overseeing all operations of the Student Services Department. Opportunities are created for our students to foster positive relationships through a variety of student life and extra curricular programming. As part of the HFS experience, we will support your child’s socio-emotional development by teaching them life skills, including the ability to better understand themselves, develop a positive self-image, take responsibility for their actions and create meaningful relationships through a variety of workshops and age-appropriate activities.

Meet the SSD team

Meaghan Wexelman

Dean of Students,
Vanguard Coordinator

Diane Duhaïme

Early Intervention Specialist

John Lavery

Social Development Educator

Ashley Sedlezky

Social Worker

Maria Koukoulas

Lunch & Extracurricular Coordinator

Shanny Beaudry

School Nurse & Student Life Coordinator

The Student Services Department meets on a weekly basis to ensure that every student in the school is achieving their full potential with a focus on academics, but also social-emotional and behavioral.